Upcoming Projects in South Africa

With the logistical and network support of Former United States Ambassador to South Africa and Earthwalkers Advisory Board Member Eric M. Bost, in March 2013, Earthwalkers will make stops in Johannesburg and Cape town in order to donate shoes to orphanages and schools in South Africa. In March 2013, Earthwalkers will also donate shoes in the United States to family crisis centers and homeless shelters. 

Upcoming Projects in India

One of the founding philosophies of Earthwalkers Charities is to provide consistent, annual support to every child who receives a pair of shoes from our organization in every country we have donated in so far. So, beginning out annual cycle again, Earthwalkers will repeat and expand our donation from March 2012 in March 2013, when we will donate close to 2,000 shoes across four different cities in India.

Earthwalkers Charities is a 501.c.3 public charity with tax-exempt status awarded by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. EIN/Federal Tax ID: 45-5151126

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The Need:

Life in a third world country is very different from what we could ever imagine in America. Instead of skyscrapers, paved roads, and shiny sedans, these countries are populated with huts, dirt paths, and bare feet. One of the largely unknown, yet common problems that afflict underprivileged populations is disease, much as a result of walking miles and miles every day without proper footwear. Without shoes, many suffer from diseases that plague their every moment. With consequences ranging from perpetual discomfort to even death, barefootedness incurs diseases such as schistosomiasis and hookworms, maladies that are very real and cannot be ignored.

Over 300 million children and one billion people worldwide suffer from a disease that can be prevented by simply wearing a shoe. The world is well into the 21st century, yet one-seventh of the human population suffers from a lack of access to footwear. Despite much misfortune, however, there is good news: these diseases are very preventable.

Shoe Drives:

Having launched a campaign in February to collect shoes in the DFW Metroplex, Earthwalkers now collects hundreds of shoes every week. In recognition of the high costs of shipping shoes,

Earthwalkers partners with large nonprofit organizations to send the shoes abroad.

Partnerships with Shoe Stores:

Earthwalkers partners with local shoe stores in order to collect shoes and funds. Agreements can range from a one-time donation of shoes to discounted store prices if customers donate a gently used pair of shoes.


Earthwalker’s capability to aid overseas hinges on its ability to collect donations. Earthwalkers leverages the power of the dollar’s favorable exchange rates by fundraising in the U.S., so that every dollar goes a lot farther.