Upcoming Projects in South Africa

With the logistical and network support of Former United States Ambassador to South Africa and Earthwalkers Advisory Board Member Eric M. Bost, in March 2013, Earthwalkers will make stops in Johannesburg and Cape town in order to donate shoes to orphanages and schools in South Africa. In March 2013, Earthwalkers will also donate shoes in the United States to family crisis centers and homeless shelters. 

Upcoming Projects in India

One of the founding philosophies of Earthwalkers Charities is to provide consistent, annual support to every child who receives a pair of shoes from our organization in every country we have donated in so far. So, beginning out annual cycle again, Earthwalkers will repeat and expand our donation from March 2012 in March 2013, when we will donate close to 2,000 shoes across four different cities in India.

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Dear Friends,

During the first fifteen years of my life, I have visited India multiple times and seen the striking poverty that exists there. Deeply moved, I resolved to help in whatever way I could.

Generally, people living in impoverished conditions will manage, even if barely, to take care of three things: food, shelter, and clothing. Accordingly, one of the first items sold in times of strife are shoes. Walking with unprotected feet, however, opens the door for disease. One foot in the wrong puddle of water or mud pile leads to parasitic infection, and it often takes years to conquer the disease. In developing countries, there are two specific parasitic diseases that run rampant: hookworms and schistosomiasis. These diseases, contracted through an unprotected foot, sap the unlucky person’s energy, leave the host weak, and subject him or her to sporadic fits of fever. Both of these diseases will generally last in the body for years before finally being expelled if at all. That translates to years of heightened fatigue, stress, and weakness…the last thing a father and mother struggling to raise their family need.

There is a child who is suffering right now from a disease that can be prevented by just wearing shoes. That child is only one of 300 million children and one of a billion people worldwide who suffers similarly. The world is well into the 21st century, yet one-seventh of the world’s population suffers because of a lack of access to footwear.

Our goal is simple, but our struggle is not. Thus far, Earthwalkers has collected and donated 3,000 shoes worldwide since our inception in February 2012. We are making a difference, shoe by shoe. If you would like to make a difference with us, please consider making a donation. Every single penny counts. I cannot emphasize that enough. Our most common donation is $100, but Earthwalkers would not exist without all of our donations. If you care, if you believe, if you trust, think about giving something, no matter how small.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions!


Aarav Chavda, Founder
Earthwalkers Charities